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‘The Choice’

This is Mark’s original team building and decision making program and uses mountaineering and its critical decision making scenarios as a core theme, as a metaphor for life and business.

It is an interactive simulation involving problem solving as individuals, as members of a group(team) and even between teams, the concept of collaboration versus comeptition for real achievement and growth.

The programme is suitable for any number of participants. We have used this effectively with several corporate groups already (from 6 to 75 participants) taking approximately 1.5 hours with a 15 minute intro and 15 minute debrief.

It is at it’s most powerful when preceded by Mark’s Everest Keynote. With smaller groups (24 or less) it can be delivered in an actual mountain location, the true schoolroom!

1.5 – 4 hours

2 – 200

Worksheet and score card, ‘Solution’ booklet and debrief.
15 – 60 minute optional Keynote by Mark Inglis

A taste of ‘The Choice’!

Life is a compromise, it is just that in some situations the wrong compromise can kill you, that is something every young mountaineer learns early, or doesn’t survive, it’s a dangerous ‘sandpit’ we play in.

With the element of risk comes two things, the phenomenal sense of achievement when we get it right and the responsibility to make decisions based on often limited information.

‘The Choice’ gives people a sense of the importance of compromise in making the right decision rather than the easy or popular one!

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