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‘Reaching The Top’, The Keynote

You are a 23 year old search and rescue mountaineer, you have just been trapped in an ice cave for 14 days and have lost both your legs to frostbite, so what do you do?

Everest! Of course!

In my keynote I describe how with passion and attitude, the impossible becomes possible in both the tough world of the mountains and theequally tough world of boardrooms and factory floors!

Keynote Talk Topic Range (each keynote is tailored to the clients specific requirements)


Wake up on Christmas Day and discover that you no longer have legs, the challenge isn’t to walk again, to ski, to ride, to run or climb again but purely to think again, to think of life in terms of ADVANTAGE, not DISADVANTAGE, when I see a double amputee mountaineer I see a guy who doesn’t need to worry about frostbite any longer!


We spend so much of our lives learning skills, we invest so much in ‘upskilling’ ourselves and our employees when that is only part of the success equation, it is ATTITUDE that allows us to implement those skills, to see what others see as impossible we should be seeing as a possible that hasn’t been tried hard enough yet!

Mental Toughness:

While many might talk about mental toughness, as a mountaineer you learn to live it, you have to, as so often it can mean your life depends on it. Every decision we make in life has a consequence, some decisions lose money, some make it, some lose a few points on a score board or win the game, some can cost you a limb or worse, the true understanding of how to make these decisions and understand the consequences is integral in Mark’s message

Team Work:

They say there is no ‘I’ in Team but so often they forget there is a ‘me’. The core to true teamwork is grounded in personal responsibility, no team can be truly effective without every member giving their all. The critical element in getting there is to understand not just who you are but how others see you, once you have the skill to do that then you can build in truth and resilience, with those tools that Mark shares with you them the ultimate team can be built, just what to need to not just succeed on Everest, but to survive it as well!


Take all of the above and combine it with 16 years winemaking, taking New Zealand wine to the world as senior winemaker with NZ’s leading winemaker. Then add in the creation of PeakFuel, the high performance sports food range that has become the New Zealand athletes nutrition of choice, taking it from a thought to the markets of New Zealand, Australia. These are the basis for lessons that we can all grow from!

20 – 90 min

5 – max venue size

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