Presenting with confidence and style

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‘Present with Confidence and Style’

This is a program I have been delivering to my clients for several years, both to frontline public presentation or contact staff, sales staff and definitely for anyone that gets put in front of the media.

The aim is to encourage a greater feel for how others see and hear you, it is essential to understand this tough concept to get a feel for how to present to different groups.

The program covers the core concepts of presenting and then follows up with the skills of standing in front of people to tell your story, in front of the camera, on the radio and of course, in front of the PowerPoint screen

It isn’t just how you speak, how you stand but also how you handle the difficult moments that is so important.

The 2 – 4 hour program incorporates both lectures, demonstrations, written material and a strong interactive component.

Follow up sessions here are extremely valuable.

Time 2 – 4 hours Numbers 2 – 50 per session


Workbook, options of video analysis and feedback


Integrated Keynote presentation by Mark Inglis

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