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To see a short sample of Mark’s Keynote click here Mark at TEDx

It’s Everest season

It’s March which means that the 2017 Everest expeditions are starting to gather on the slopes of the mountain known in Nepal as Sagarmāthā and in Tibet as Chomolungma.

In the coming weeks a lot of lessons will be learnt and experiences had, all good I would hope but often some hard times – best wishes to all on that mountain, for many it is a tough place to earn a living.

It is those personal lessons and experiences on summiting Chomolungma as the first double amputee combined with my corporate life and the challenge of being that double amputee that I take to the corporate, education and charity worlds.

Programs in India

Mark presented the very successful ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ series, sharing with many the skills, knowledge and attitude required to really achieve the impossible and since that time over 120 programs have been delivered in India!

This has been followed up by a series of programs all over India, Iraq,Iran, Dubai, Singapore, USA, Australia, Belgium and New Zealand.
As always Mark will be in India many times in 2015 and 2016, contact Raga at Speaking Minds to book your event!’


For full details of Mark’s programs in India, email Raga at raga@speakingminds.com

Do be quick though as dates are filling up fast!

The response from India has been huge, check out these articles in the leading Indian papers:

Bangalore Times

Economic Times, Corporate Dossier

Times Of India

Bangalore Mirror

And some feedback from Heather Gupta at UTV:

Mark delivered a presentation skills workshop to 40 of my mid and senior level employees. He managed to make this a mix of both practical and inspirational learning. Participants came away with specific learnings around presentation skills, ranging from the more generic ‘gaining in confidence” to the more practical hints and tips on how to stand, how to deliver a memorable presentation, how to overcome nerves and how to deal with hecklers and unwanted questions, amongst other topics. Mark’s own inspirational story, delivered at the end of the workshop, not only demonstrated the art of making an outstanding presentation and but also inspired the audience to really look at themselves and overcoming their obstacles in a whole new light. Mark is an extremely engaging, personable speaker as well as a hugely positive and motivating human being. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to any corporate looking for a similar workshop.

Heather Gupta – Group VP, HRD
UTV Group


Mark is back in India most months for a combination of inspirational keynotes and business training. To book Mark please contact the great team at:


About Mark

Mark is a leading international motivational speaker, experienced in all forms of presentation from conference keynote addresses and workshops, to entertaining and humorous after dinner talks. He has presented live to audiences as small as five to as big as 1400 and everything in between.

Mark has presented in India, London, Brussels, Italy (Brixen), Canada, USA (Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Park City, Atlanta, Miami), Mexico, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Iraq, Iran, Tahiti, Fiji, Beijing, Nepal and of course closer to home in extensively in NZ and Australia.

These presentations were to companies and groups that recognise that their staff are one of their greatest assets and increasing their value drives opportunities for the companies to grow!

 Over the last 14 years Mark has specialised in Keynote addresses that are based around mountaineering as a metaphor for business and life, utilising his wide experience in the mountains, vineyards and boardrooms. To take that experience one step further he now offers a range of learning programs.

Click the buttons above to see details of popular programmes or the link here

Mark Inglis Business Program for all the options, even better contact Mark directly!

To listen to the ideas and proven research on how we can function better, either as individuals or as members of an organisational culture is great, but far more powerful is the opportunity to see these lessons in action, to get an understanding of where you and your organisation are, relative to the gold standard and to receive feedback and support on how to become even better.

These programs don’t rely on you jumping off a cliff into the arms of your work mates or taking your first bungy or even putting your life at risk by climbing a mountain, instead by using innovative and fun simulations we can learn the lessons, still be challenged in our thinking but not putting our bodies on the line. The lack of physical threat allows a far more focused learning outcome, one that can be as useful in your own life as your corporate life.

The main benefit of these programs is a greater awareness and respect of the people around us, an increased ability to sort assumptions and heresay from fact, all things that mean a more efficient and profitable working culture.

So use the buttons to access a new world of information, inspiration and expertise!

Need Mark to inspire and entertain at a dinner, well rather than just an after dinner presentation, why not use Marks 16 years of winemaking skill to help choose the wines and menu, adding a new dimension to a fun and inspiring evening!

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