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Legs On Everest Legs On Everest  
Can you imagine climbing Everest? Can you imagine doing it with 2 artificial limbs?
That is Marks story, told in his own unique style, it really is like being there on the mountain with him
published as an eBook.
High Tech Legs On Everest High Tech Legs On Everest  
Take ‘Legs On Everest’, add in heaps of useful information,
some more imagery and prune the story to the essentials and written for teen readers,
you have the ultimate resource.Finalist in the NZ Post New Zealand Book Awards! Now published as an eBook.
No Mean Feat No Mean Feat RRP $25.00
Tells the incredible story of Mark’s survival in the ice cave on the summit of Mount Cook
in 1982 and the journey through life as a young double amputee culminating on the summit
of that same mountain as the first double amputee to scale it.Now published as an eBook
Too The Max Too The Max
This is the teen readers version of No Mean Feat, designed to be a learning resource for all.Now published as an eBook.
Off The Front Foot Off The Front Foot  
After learning so many of lifes lessons the hard way Mark shares these in
Off The Front Foot to give others a head start! Now published as an eBook

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